Sweet, Smokey, Meat

Sweet, Smokey, Meat

I am a very blessed person.

I have an amazing wife who is expecting our second child very soon, a daughter who is quickly becoming a wonderful young lady, parents who have supported my every decision, in-laws who are probably my biggest fans and a sister who has given me two awesome nephews.  I have never been one to have a lot of friends, but I would have to say the ones I have are the best.

Ironically enough I have two friends who share the same name as me and last summer we had an opportunity that we will never forget.  Nate Bissell, known as “Sweet Nate,” is becoming an Ohio Maple legend, and had a dream of bringing a TV crew to Ashtabula County.  How he did this I am not sure, but one sunny morning in July, I had 3 guys in a drop-top Cadillac pull into Na*Kyrsie.  They stagger out of the car and comment on how they had a run in with another Nate the previous night.  We’ll call him “Smokey Nate” from this day forward.

You have to be careful with Smokey, he has a BBQ restaurant in the Harbor with a massive selection of craft beers.  Smokey is a talker, conversations with him are always very deep and the excitement is very high. When you sit down with Smokey in his fine establishment, you usually end up having 1 craft beer more than you should.  You can’t help it, he’s the type of guy you just want to sit down and talk with while sipping on a delicious craft brew.  So, when the crew made a comment about being with Smokey the night before and asking for coffee, I knew exactly what had happened.  Don’t hold this against him, he’s the kind of guy you just want to unwind with and let the conversation unfold.

I was with my buddies “Sweet” and “Smokey” last night to see something I never dreamed I would be able to see…a preview of Road Trip Masters Season 2, episode 3.  The show gave a wonderful representation of our County and my wonderful friends.  I urge you to tune in Saturday morning, January 27th at 5am on The Discovery Channel (or set your DVR).


“Nick and Brian head off to Ashtabula County, Ohio to follow up on a fan email where they find out what bourbon barrel maple syrup is all about; following the boys as they follow the legend and lure of the 3 Nate’s of Ashtabula County.”


Kristen and I spent quite a bit of time with Nick and Brian from RTM, and what I discovered was two normal guys spending their life savings following a dream of producing a national TV show.  I would say they accomplished this and it’s an inspiration to see their hard work pay off.  Please support the efforts of Road Trip Masters, watch the show and send Nick and Brian some love for showcasing the wonderful County where we live!

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  1. Wow! I look forward to seeing this show! You are amazing Nate! Congratulations on your new addition to your family! Enjoy your wonderful blessings and continue being such an inspiration to us all! Hugs!!

    1. Thank you, Sharon

  2. WOW! Your being featured on TV is merely the natural evolution of your culinary journey. Congratulations! We are so happy for you!!

    1. Thank you, Kay

  3. Congratulations Nate, Nate. And Nate, three awesome hard working guys, so proud of you!! Looking forward to seeing this documentary. Keep up the good work!!

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