Chef Nate Fagnilli is known for his involvement in the local food movement, which he strives to demonstrate in the kitchen of his upscale lakefront restaurant, Crosswinds Grille at The Lakehouse Inn.

Located on the southern shore of Lake Erie in Geneva, Ohio Crosswinds Grille features wood-fired, locally unique cuisine.

“Everything we do at Crosswinds is for the love of the farmer, who supplies us with the freshest and most local products available.”

Chef Nate and his team push themselves each week to go further with their commitment to serving locally sourced food – and for them, the perfect dish is one that is 100% local.


The philosophy of Chef Nate and Crosswinds Grille is quite simple, start with the freshest and most local products possible and the end result will be more superior.  What is Locally Unique? It’s sourcing our items for quality and purpose, based on relationships, and bringing together the best that Ohio has to offer so that we can share it with each and every one of our guests. The experience really is quite life changing and the relationships built with our best farmers is like nothing we have experienced before.

Whether it be a weekly phone call from Aaron and Melissa Miller talking about grass or pushing us past our boundaries, a 6:20 am text from Scott Boehnlein waking me and responding because I know how busy he is and I know at this time of day I can have a 10 minute conversation with him, a weekly delivery from Floyd Davis who is one of the most intriguing guys I know and has figured out how to grow produce year round and in the ground, to Larry Klco who treats me with the upmost respect and services my every need, watching David Fortier learn and grow as he is new to farming but has helped me in more ways than imaginable, to the great Nate Bissell who puts my vision to shame, a truly amazing guy and all our wonderful cheesemakers who produce exceptional Ohio cheeses.
These are our farmers, they raise the products we serve and have become some of our best friends.  It is their passion that makes our jobs of cooking so much easier and their energy that makes our food taste so different.  Without them, we would just be another restaurant serving imported food.  Being Locally Unique is about the hunt of finding quality product, building relationships with amazing farmers and serving real food.

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