Na*kyrsie Meats

From our farmers to your table

Crosswinds Grille makes it possible for you to enjoy a locally unique experience in the comfort of your own home. We proudly serve Na*Kyrsie meats, an extension of Fagnilli Enterprises and Crosswinds Grille.

In early 2016, Nate found himself running out of room at Crosswinds Grille and couldn’t keep up with the demand of the seam butchery products he was already producing at his restaurant.

He felt he could fill a void between chefs and farmers and make local meat more easily available to chefs with less work for the farmers.  He grew tired of the phones calls from farmers looking for to sell their livestock, and was frustrated he could not grow and expand in his existing location.  He saw the market in Northeast Ohio for wholesale and retail charcuterie and salumi for restaurants, wineries and retail stores and Na*Kyrsie Meats was born.

Na*Kyrsie buys whole animals direct from the farm and seam butchers in house.  This technique creates far more usable meat besides the normal cuts and ground meat, thus allowing us to showcase unique cuts with their own flavorful  characteristics in our restaurant.  This technique also gives us the opportunity to be able to sell products for our guests to enjoy at home.

Below are the items that are available for sale in our restaurant. For additional items or for hours of Na*Kyrise Meats, please visit their website






Grass Finished Ground Beef

$7.50 lb.

Grain Finished Ground Beef

$6.00 lb.

Grass Finished Hamburger Patties

$8.00 lb.

Maple, Sage Pork Sausage

$8.00 lb.

Italian Sausage: Bulk

$8.00 lb.

Italian Sausage: Links

$8.00 lb.

Beef Kielbasa

$9.00 lb.

Summer Sausage

$14.00 lb.

Hot Dogs

$9.00 lb.


$9.00 lb.





Chicken stock

$5.00 qt.

Beef stock

$6.50 qt.

Pork stock

$6.50 qt.



Fresh Farm Eggs

$4.50 per dozen



Bissell Maple Syrup



Leaf Lard





Products may not always be available.  Please call or stop in for the most current offerings.   Call or email for more information.